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The Morgan Motor Company
Gives details of the company history, cars and all the latest news.

The Morgan Three Wheeler Club
It all started with 3 wheels and as you will see from their website they are still enthusiastically used.

The website of the South East Centre and home of TogMog. Includes link to VinMog

Wessex Centre
Click above for the latest "Morganiser" to see what is happening around Devon and Somerset

Isle of Man
Site of the Manx Morgan Owners Club. The Club was formed in 1998 and the site gives details of its history and local events.

Yorkshire Centre
The Yorkshire centre was formed some forty years ago by a band of Morgan enthusiasts in the Sheffield Area and has gradually over time developed into its present form. The centre offers a wide range of events throughout the year.

Cornwall Centre (TinMog)
Another Centre joins the increasing number of us who are now on-line. Nice site with details of activities in Cornwall put together by Centre member Henry Starr.

Scotland (JockMog)
All the news on what's going on north of the border.

Another Centre gets on-line. Read about the East Anglian events at this long established Centre.

See what going on at the Brighton Centre which covers Sussex and the surrounding area.

According to their website Cranmog are one of the oldest established of the British Morgan Clubs. Who am I to argue! So, if you want to learn more . . .

FoxMog is the new Centre for Leicestershire and their Centre Secretary John Everett has just launched this new website.

The website of the Norfolk and Suffolk Centre (Eastern Counties) gives details of events, noggins and activities for next year.

Warwickshire Centre
Gives information about the Warwickshire Centre including contact details, events and much more.

New Forest Centre
The New Forest Centre website gives all the latest news, contacts and photos. Why not take a look?

TaffMog the Centre for South Wales have just launched their new website. (October 08) All the Centre's news, events, reports and gallery can be see

Donington Centre (DonMog)
DonMog is a very active group based in the Castle Donington area of the Uk which is on the boundaries of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. You will find a calendar of forthcoming events together with reports of some of the local activities.

High Peak Centre (Tormog)
Formed 30 years ago by a group of enthusiactic Morgan supporters
from around the country, but mainly from Derbyshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester. They now meet monthly in Derbyshires National Park. Its website was updated by member Kevin Osborne, Oct 2012. 

The website for the OxMog centre with details of Centre Events and our ‘Favourites’ – places to go and see around Oxfordshire. Facebook 

Northern (NorceMog)
The new website (March 2010) of the North West & Cheshire Centre.

Staffordshire Centre
Find out all the news and latest events in the Staffordshire area.

Midland Centre
The website for the Midland Centre gives contact details, dates of Noggins and general information on everything happening in the Centre.

Gloucester Centre (SpotMog)
Thewebsite for the Gloucester Centre covering the Cotswolds. Gives details of Noggins and other events.

Cumbria Centre
FellMog's website giving details of their activities in this picturesque part of the UK.

Mendip Centre (Somerset)
Follow the centres latest news and events on their website, detailing Noggins, Sunday Lunches, and Runs througout the year.

Home of the Thames Valley Centre.

The website for the Lincolnshire Centre
The website of the Morgan Sports Car Club of Northern California

Morgan Owners' Club of Australia
Gives details of the history of the club, competitions and all the events going on in Australia

Morgans On The Gulf
Morgans On The Gulf is a club made up of people in the Houston-Gulf Coast area. The club, which was organized in the early 1980's has about 50 members
As Tony McLaughlin, Jr. says 'This is the reference center for information concerning your favorite car and mine, the Morgan.'

Morgan Owners Group of Sweden
Nicely done website for Morgan owners in Sweden.

FjordMOG (The Norwegian Morgan Club)
The link above takes you to the English version of the website. Founded in 1993 they currently have 218 members.

The Morgan Owners Group NorthWest is a club that was established over 25 years ago. Over the years it has grown in Membership to well over 150 strong.

Morgan Sports Car Club of Canada
See what's happening on the Morgan front in Canada

Windy City Mog
The website of the Chicago Club. Find out what's going on in the Windy City.

The Morgan Sports Car Club of Northern California now have a website. It gives details those involved together with reports of past events and upcoming events.

Webmaster Wolfgang Meyscheider has put together an excellent website for the Morgan Club of Germany.

MOG South
MOG South is the Southeastern US Morgan Club based in Atlanta, Georgia. This well designed website gives details of their activities as well as a photo gallery and a newsletter you can read on-line.

Morgan Club de France
Jacques Daigneau looks after the website of the Morgan Club de France. Click the above link to find out what's going on across the channel

Morgan Club Luxembourg
The website of the Morgan Club Luxembourg. The club was founded in 1984 and has more than 50 active members.

Morgan Club Denmark
The website for the Morgan Club of Denmark.

The Australian club for owners in the state of Victoria, which enjoys the 2nd largest rainful after Tasmania!

Morgan Club of Finland
The website for the Morgan Club of Finand updated by Olavi Tupamäki

Morgan Challenge
Get all the information on the Morgan Motor Company Challenge including driver profiles, dates and results.

Morgan Historic Register
The See the newsletter by clicking above

The Swiss Morgan club contact is Toni Weibel






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